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My name is Nadav and I am a Wingate certified personal trainer from the Jerusalem Area.

For more than 10 years, I have been involved in sports and training people, both in groups and individually: middle-aged men and women, boys and girls, high school graduates for the army, yeshiva students and pre-military preparation, and people with chronic injuries and pains and a range of health conditions.

I assure you that from my experience - anyone can achieve his or her fitness goals!

Sixteen years ago I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes (type 1). This means that you have to be on top of things every day when it comes to food and health. It can be difficult, but I decided that I would not give in to the "limit," the gloomy predictions the doctors gave and assure myself that you can live very well even with a complex and chronic health condition.

Sports and exercise have always been important to me and I have been involved in sports from an early age. With the discovery of diabetes, it was clear that everything that entered my mouth affected my body, my body's glucose levels, my body’s recovery during and after activity, and hence the connection between health and sports - nutrition - sleep and overall, a balanced and healthy lifestyle was what dictated my daily routine. I started to build training and nutrition programs. When I first embarked on a healthy exercise and nutrition program that I wrote for myself, the results were amazing. Friends asked if I would train them as well. From high school to the present I operate with the mindset that there is nothing I cannot achieve. Even when the army gave me a medical exemption, after two years of battles, I did not give up, and in the end did a full service as a soldier in an elite unite.

After the army, I decided to take a fitness training course at Wingate. Since then, the title "fitness trainer" has also become official.

Over the years, I have learned from physiotherapists, counsellors, trainers and a variety of different sports the critical building blocks for developing my own method. This method creates a balanced lifestyle, combining a personalized diet with an understanding of the various effects of foods on regulating energy level, maintaining weight goals, and supporting the building of fitness. I have also learned the importance of sleep and the management of stress levels, in promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The method I have developed combines mobility (teaching the body to move and work in an anatomically correct way, including stretching and posture), combining aerobic and strength training, and, no less important, recovery.

To contact me for a trial session, you can click the link or contact me directly.

Nadav – 054 207 2133

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