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About me


My name is Nadav and I am a Wingate certified personal trainer from the Jerusalem Area.

For more than 10 years, I have been involved in sports and training people, both in groups and individually: middle-aged men and women, boys and girls, high school graduates for the army, yeshiva students and pre-military preparation, and people with chronic injuries and pains and a range of health conditions.

I assure you that from my experience - anyone can achieve his or her fitness goals!

Personal Training

Why personal training?

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I cannot count how many times I returned from an exhausting day. My legs hurt, I was irritated from the traffic on the way home, I looked at my watch and remembered that I had to finish my emails and other work I took home from the office today. The chance that I will have the motivation to put that aside, change clothes, put on my gym shoes and go workout is impossible. Staying fit and properly nourished is not easy. Therefore, any outside help that I can get to help motivate me to workout is the difference between regular training on a consistent basis to no training. Self-motivation comes and goes. Let me make sure you practice at least twice a week.


You give me an hour of your time ... I deal with everything else (worry about the place, accessories and motivation).

lifting wights
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Exercising correctly

In personal training, I combine the research, time, experience and professionalism I have acquired over the years, and implement this knowledge in real time, in order to streamline the training and to ensure that you are practicing properly, to your specific body, in order to prevent injuries and get results over a long period of time.

For a 50 NIS  tryout session contact

Phone: 0542072133

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